Monday, July 6, 2009

God Bless America

Happy Independence Day to all from the Carlsons!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Iris' Birthday Party 7 - more of Iris' friends

Iris, Isabel, and their friends:

Say cheeeeeese:

It was a great time!!!

Iris' Birthday Party 6 - Everyone loves HK cupcakes

Isabel made a sandwich out of her cupcake...

Sadie, Ava, and Laney enjoying their cupcakes (Ava and Laney had matching outfits, so I can't tell them apart). Maybe Jeff or Angie can let us know who is who in these photos.

And Jeff enjoying a cupcake...

Iris' Birthday Party 5 - Hello Kitty Cupcakes part 2

Everyone, this is my sister!

Iris blowing out her candles!

And it's yummy too!

Personally, I didn't try the cupcakes, but they looked great. They also made all the kids' teeth pink which was really funny.

Iris' Birthday Party 4 - Hello Kitty Cupcakes

Hmmm... one of the cupcakes is missing. Where could it be?

Ahhh, getting it ready for the birthday girl...

And Iris loves her Hello Kitty cupcake!

Whooooaaa... fire....

continued in next post (limit of five photos per post)...

Iris' Birthday Party 3 - pizza

After a craft time, we had pizza! Here's Laney, Ava, and Sadie. The Curious George hats were awesome.

Iris' Birthday Party 2

The party started off in the play area. I was chasing Anna around, so I only had pictures of her. Next, I have pictures of the pizza and cake - with Iris' friends, including Sadie, Laney, Ava, and Anna. Anna's verdict on the play area? Shaka (the hand sign in the bottom photo is "shaka" not "hang loose" and means, roughly, "awesome").